A New Vanity Gives Your Bathroom An Updated Look


A new vanity gives your bathroom a fresh look. Switching to a pedestal vanity could even give you more space. You might prefer installing a dresser vanity so you have more storage drawers. Look over options for vanities at a plumbing supply store. The plumbing contractor might deliver the vanity on the day they intend to install it. If you buy a vanity elsewhere yourself, be sure to have it and any accessories you need ready for the plumber on installation day. Here's a look at what happens when you have a new vanity installed.

The Old Vanity Is Dismantled

The plumber turns off the water at the shut-off valves before starting any work. Then the old vanity can be taken apart and removed from the room. This may entail removing the sink first and then taking the countertop off of the base so the rest of the vanity can be taken out. Plumbing contractors often haul away the old vanity and include that in the price of the work estimate.

The Site Is Prepped

Your new vanity may not have the same shape and dimensions as the old one and that can pose a problem with lining up the pipes and drain. Your plumber may have to move water lines or cut away part of the back of the vanity if possible so the lines and drain can fit inside the vanity. If the plumber needs to move the water lines, they will probably install new shut-off valves on them so water to the sink can be turned off quickly in case of an emergency. The plumber may hook up copper lines or use flexible lines that are easier to work with.

The New Vanity Is Installed

The base cabinet is put in first and then the countertop is put on. The sink is dropped in through the top and the water lines and drain are hooked up under the sink. Since putting in a new vanity may require moving the water supply lines and putting in new shut-off valves, the plumber may need to get a permit for the project.

DIY installation might not be allowed if your new vanity needs new water lines. If you want to put in a new vanity yourself, call your codes department first to see if you're allowed to do so. You may still need to get a permit and have an inspection, so your work will need to be done according to plumbing codes. You may find it much easier to hire a plumbing contractor when you want to update your bathroom with a new vanity.

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8 December 2021

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