3 Ways To Tell When Your Garbage Disposal Needs A Professional To Repair It


A garbage disposal is a necessary kitchen appliance for people that have dishwashers in their kitchen. The garbage disposal is an ideal way to break down and dispose of all the leftover food and other byproducts of the cooking process, and ensure that they do not end up down the kitchen sink. When you use and maintain your garbage disposal properly, it will serve you for many years without you having to replace it. However, if you have had the appliance for a while, it is normal for it to develop problems that make it inefficient. 

The following are three simple indicators that your garbage disposal is falling apart and needs professional repairs.

When Your Kitchen Has a Nasty Smell

Smell is usually the first thing that alerts people about problems with their plumbing and waste disposal systems in their home. If you have noticed a rotten smell coming out of the garbage disposal system, it means that rotten food particles are not being processed and disposed of as they should. 

When the disposal stops working or slows down, organic debris accumulates inside its structure. Bacteria will then work on the food waste, giving off a foul odor. If your sinks are giving off the characteristic smell of spoiled food, it is time to call a professional to check the condition of your garbage disposal and fix what might be broken.

When the Disposal Gets Jammed

The second indicator that the garbage disposal might be in trouble is that it functions inefficiently. Jamming typically happens when you put the wrong food waste into the system, especially if it has been having other problems. Even the usual food waste like potato peels can cause your garbage disposal to jam. Usually, you find that the blades that chop up the food become dull over time, slowing down their ability to break down the waste. The repair expert will check the condition of the blades and determine whether they need to be repaired or changed. 

When the Appliances Will Not Turn On

The ultimate indicator that your garbage disposal has developed a problem is if it completely stops working. Call a repair expert if you have tried to turn it on in vain and checked the electrical connection to ensure it has power. The professional will troubleshoot and find the cause of your garbage disposal's problem and fix it. 

Call a garbage disposal repair contractor when you notice any of the above problems. Having a professional assess and fix your faulty appliance will extend its life and maximize your convenience when using your kitchen. 


18 January 2021

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