Commonly Encountered Water Heater Issues


As a homeowner, you will be regularly tasked with meeting a number of different repair and maintenance needs for your house. The plumbing system will need a particularly high amount of attention from homeowners if the homeowners intend to keep these appliances and fixtures running smoothly. The water heater is one component that is at an especially high risk of suffering problems.

The Water Heater's Burner Failing To Stay Lit

A gas-burning water heater may be among the most efficient and reliable solutions that you can choose for providing your home with hot water. Unfortunately, a gas water heater will be capable of developing a number of issues that could severely reduce its heat output or even cause it to have problems staying lit. These issues will have to be repaired if the water heater is to be able to provide you with water that has been sufficiently heated. If your burner develops severe clogs, a professional water heater repair service may be needed as they will have the tools needed to thoroughly clean the interior of the burner to remove any residues that may be creating clogs.  

Leaky Connections To The Water Heater's Plumbing Lines

The water heater will have high capacity water lines leading into and out of the water heater's reservoir. Leaks developing with these connections can be extremely damaging to your home. Unfortunately, homeowners may not regularly check their water heater to look for signs of these leaks develops. As a result, they may end up waiting far too long to contact a professional for water heater repairs. While a leaking water heater can be a significant issue for your home, a professional repair contractor will likely be able to easily correct this problem. This is particularly true when the leak is a result of the seals for this connection failing as they can be easily and affordably replaced.

Low Water Pressure Coming From The System

Individuals will want their plumbing to have fairly high water pressure when they are using it. This is no different when it concerns hot water, but there are issues with the water heater that will be able to stop it from providing enough water for your home's plumbing systems. A common reason for a drop in hot water pressure can be due to a clog having developed in the water line leading from the water heater to the home's plumbing. Often, this clog can be the result of mineral deposits or sediment that has collected inside this line and that will have to be flushed out to restore the flow of water from the system.

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11 January 2021

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