Is Your House's Foundation Showing Signs Of Problems? 4 Reasons To Repair It Now Before It Gets Worse


Every house should start out with a firm foundation. Yet, even the best construction still needs maintenance at some point during the life span of your house. Seeing cracks in the foundation or noticing that your house is shifting are signs that you need to arrange for repairs. While it might be tempting to put it off until things get worse, fixing the issue now can help you avoid more costly problems over the next couple of years.

Prevent Common Annoyances

As your house begins to shift, it is common for the doors and windows to become misaligned with the frames. You'll eventually start to notice that windows stick and may become difficult to move up and down the tracks. Doors also may start to stick, and the problem tends to get worse as time goes by. Eventually, you might even find that you can't get an essential door to close. Foundation contractors know how to get the house back into the right position so that you can make sure the doors and windows stay aligned.

Save Money On Additional Repairs

Dealing with sticking doors and windows is frustrating, but the issues can get much worse. A cracked or slanting foundation can allow water to seep into the lower parts of your house. This can lead to water damage and flooding. You might also start to see cracks appearing on the walls throughout your house or on the exterior. All of these issues require you to plan for more serious repairs. Foundation repair services include walking through your house with you to identify areas that could get worse if you don't fix things now. Once the foundation is repaired, you shouldn't notice small cracks getting worse.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs

Cracks in the walls and non-functioning doors and windows allow air to escape from your house. When you repair the foundation problems, you'll be able to get a better seal on your house that helps you to avoid wasting energy on heating and cooling. This is why contractors often recommend fixing the foundation before you do things such as add new weatherstripping to the windows. Stopping the shifting will preserve new materials that you put on your home.

Make Your Home Easier to Sell

Home inspections often involve taking a good look at the foundation. Depending upon the severity of the foundation problems, a lender might not offer buyers a home loan until the problem is fixed. Some buyers might also veer away from your house when there are obvious structural flaws. After the repairs are complete, you can furnish proof to potential buyers that you have done your part to maintain the structural integrity of your house.

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3 December 2020

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