Something Wrong With Your Water Heater? A Plumber Can Help


When you turn on the hot water tap, you expect the water to warm up. Your water heater is responsible for this task. An electric water heater provides you with a lot of comfort, at least when it's working correctly.

So, what happens when your water heater is not working? A plumber may be the key to restoring hot water when your electric water heater simply isn't meeting your standards.

Check for Leaks

One of the first things you need to do when your water heater isn't working is to check for leaks. While a small leak may not lead to significant issues, large leaks or the water heater falling apart altogether may lead to serious malfunctioning. Rust is often to blame for this problem, as it can cause part of the water heater to completely detach or break apart. A plumber can fix this issue and repair the leaking pipes.

Check For Part Failure

Of course, if you don't see a leak, something else may be to blame. Additionally, not seeing a leak does not mean that a leak doesn't exist. It could be more covert than you realize, with parts inside that are failing.

Electric water heaters come with many different parts that can malfunction. The upper and lower elements can both malfunction, leaving you with nothing but cold water. Often, it only takes a quick repair or replacement to get your water heater back in action.

Poor Connections

There is also the chance that something simply isn't connecting. It could be an electrical issue or something else causing your water heater not to communicate with its thermostat, for instance.

Assess the Thermostat

Your thermostat could also be broken. It might not be reading temperature accurately or regulating the temperature of your water heater, leading to some strange issues in which the heater never gives you the hot water you expect. You may need a repair or replacement of the thermostat.

Don't Try to Fix Water Heater Issues Yourself

Working with an electric water heater can be complicated, and it can be difficult to replace parts on your own. You should count on a plumber to help you through the process of repairing your water heater and replacing parts.

A plumber is the best-suited person to help you fix your water heater. If you are not able to get any hot water from your system, call a professional in to address the issue. For more information about plumbing and your hot water heater, contact a local plumbing company.


19 October 2020

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