Three Signs You Need To Hire An Emergency Plumber


Few things are more nerve-racking as a homeowner than discovering a major plumbing issue. But while clogged toilets and a running faucet are one thing, a burst pipe that has created a spontaneous pool inside your living room is quite another. In those types of situations, you'll be happy you have an emergency plumber on speed dial.

But some people are unsure as to when it's a good time to call an emergency plumber, so here is a short list to help you out. The situations below require immediate attention; if you see them, hire a plumber immediately.

Standing Water in Your Front Yard

While a pool can be a great way to beat the summer heat, having one in your front yard that consists of sewer water is not nearly as amazing. Since both your water and sewer lines run from the street to your house, standing water in your front yard usually means there's a leak or a pipe that is completely broken. The first thing you should do is shut the water off immediately to the house, and then call an emergency plumber to come in and deal with the issue. Depending on the situation, the plumber may just patch the hole or perform a trenchless sewer repair, which allows them to fix broken pipes with minimal intrusion into your front yard.

Water Damage on Your Walls

If you see a water spot forming on your wall, ceiling or floorboard, shut the water off to the house and contact an emergency plumber. Water leaks are major issues, and what's harder than fixing the leak is knowing how to find it. Plumbers have specialized tools that allow them to locate the source of the leak and patch it without tearing down major portions of your walls. Left unattended, a water leak cannot only damage your house but leave mold, which can cause health issues for people inside your house.

Gas Leak in Your House

Whereas the biggest threat to your house when it comes to plumbing emergencies may just be water damage and a high utility bill, a gas leak inside your home has the potential to be life-threatening. If you smell gas coming from one of your appliances or the air vents, contact your utility company immediately to get it shut off. After that, call a plumber to have them fix it. Do not attempt to work on this by yourself, as it's illegal in most municipalities to do so without a permit.

For more information, contact an emergency plumber.


15 October 2020

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