Four Really Simple Ways To Unclog A Drain


Clogged drains are more than annoying. They're inconvenient, they smell bad, and they render whatever is clogged unusable until the drain is clear again.

But finding a solution to the blocked drain can be difficult, especially if the hardware store is closed or if you're in a hurry. Fortunately, this article has a list of the four easiest ways to get that stubborn drain unclogged so you can get back to your normal life. Remember, if these options don't work or you're uncomfortable attempting any of them, it's best to call a plumber.

The Wet/Dry Vacuum

Normally reserved for cleaning up spills in the garage or the kitchen, your wet/dry vacuum can be a lifesaver if you've got a simple plumbing problem like a sink clog. Just hook it up to an outlet nearby, turn it to the "liquid" setting (if it has one), create a tight seal around the drain, and turn it on. If you have enough power coming through the vacuum, you should be able to unclog that pipe in no time. Best of all, there's virtually no mess to worry about afterward.

The Bent Hanger

Considered the granddaddy of all plumbing DIY solutions, a bent wire hanger can be your most simple solution to a clog. Make sure you bend one edge of the wire hanger into a short hook, then reach it into the drain and try to lift out the clog. You can even use this in sink drains where the clog is lodged down in the p-trap. The wire will naturally bend with the pipes, creating a DIY snake to fix your plumbing issue.

The Hot Water

Sometimes, the best solution is also the quickest, and this one is so easy, that even plumbers will usually recommend it to you over the phone to try before they come out. Simply boil water on the stove or the microwave, and then pour it down the pipe in short, slow bursts. Try three to four different applications before trying another solution, but with any luck, that clog will disintegrate and drop right out.

The Dish Soap

If your toilet is clogged and hot water alone didn't clear it, try the exact same thing again, but this time, pour a quarter cup of dish detergent down the drain first, then pour the hot water. After that, take a plunger and go to town. The clog should come unstuck, but if it doesn't, use some rubber gloves and try to reach into the bowl and dislodge it manually. The combination of those three options is enough for most toilets.

For more information or help, contact a local plumber.


17 July 2020

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