Go With The Flow: Tips For A Clean Shower Drain


Having your shower drain get clogged is never any fun. Water pools around your ankles as you shower, and you get that dreaded soap scum ring around the sides of the tub. You can keep a shower drain clean, and even removing the occasional clog is not that hard. It just requires a comprehensive, careful approach, which is easily broken down into the tips below.

1. Keep the basket in place.

Most shower drains come with a catch basket. If yours does not, then purchase an inexpensive catch basket at a local hardware store. This basket needs to stay in place all of the time because it catches hair and keeps it from going down the drain. Hair is the number one contributor to clogged shower drains. Make sure kids who use your shower know not to remove the basket, too.

2. Start by physically cleaning out the drain.

If your drain does slow down, then the first step you should take is to remove the drain basket and physically remove any hair or other obstructions sitting in the part of the drain you can see. You can use needle-nose pliers to pick anything out. Once you remove any hair and grime in this area, try running the water and seeing if it goes down more readily. If it does not, then the blockage is further down, and you can turn to the additional tips listed here.

3. Try boiling water and hot vinegar.

Before you turn to any chemical drain cleaners, try pouring some boiling water down the drain. Even more effective is vinegar heated to the point that it is hot but not boiling. The hot water will help dissolve any grease or soap scum that is contributing to the clog. Vinegar does an even better job because it is acidic and can help break down the alkaline soap scum.

4. Use drain cleaner as a last resort, and only once.

If your drain does not clear with hot water or vinegar, you can use drain cleaner — but only if the drain is actually flowing, yet slowly. Never use drain cleaner on a drain that is completely blocked, as it can pose a hazard. If the drain cleaner does not clear the drain the first time around, call a plumber. Repeatedly using drain cleaner when it is not working can cause damage to your pipes.

Most shower clogs can be prevented. Those that can't be prevented can usually be removed with physical tools, hot water, and vinegar. However, sometimes, you need to turn to drain cleaner or a plumber.

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30 June 2020

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