Treating Your Restaurant's Water


Unfortunately, many restaurants will be plagued by the issue of having low-quality water. This can create an urgent need for the business to invest in water treatment equipment that can be used to improve the overall quality of the water that is available to the restaurant's workers.

Filter The Water For The Drink And Ice Machines

The drink and ice machines for your restaurant will be among the most important for ensuring that they are receiving high-quality water. Otherwise, the taste of the ice or the beverages that you serve can be negatively impacted. While most of these systems will have basic filtration systems built into them, these systems can be overwhelmed when the water for a restaurant is particularly high in mineral or sediment contents. In these instances, installing additional filtration systems can be needed to ensure that the water is of the highest quality possible. When choosing additional filtration systems, you will want to be sure to choose one that is compatible with your system so that you avoid impacting the performance of these devices.

Ensure Dishes And Glasses Are Free Of Noticeable Films

Unfortunately, low-quality water can even impact your ability to easily and effectively clean your dishes and glasses. This is due to its tendency to leave a film or haze on the dishes and glasses. As a result, they may not appear to be clean when customers use them. Hardwater is often to blame for this problem, but this can be corrected by installing a water softening system for the restaurant. While this could be a costly improvement to the plumbing system, the labor savings from making your dishes easier to clean as well as the confidence of knowing your customers will receive clean and clear dishes and glasses can be worth this cost.

Reduce Mineral Build-Up And Other Plumbing Issues

Water quality issues can even impact the overall reliability of your business. This is possible by allowing large amounts of minerals and sediments to collect in the plumbing pipes or the tubes that plumbing fixtures use. Eventually, the effects of these accumulations can be enough to stop water from flowing through it. In order to avoid this potential problem, you will need to install a comprehensive filtration system that will be able to eliminate these substances from the water that is flowing into the restaurant's plumbing system. In most cases, these systems can be installed while only requiring the business's water to be shut off for a couple of hours. This can make it possible to complete this upgrade with minimal disruptions to your restaurant's operations.

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9 June 2020

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