Mistakes Homeowners Often Make When Trying To Unclog A Drain


Clogged drains are just one of those annoying things you have to deal with from time to time as a homeowner. But unfortunately, many homeowners do not do as good of a job removing clogs as they could or should. Learn from their mistakes, not from your own, as you keep reading below.

Mistake: Using the wrong kind of plunger.

Did you know there are actually two different common types of plungers? One is shaped like a plain bowl or dome. The other has a splayed piece, called a flange, coming out the end. Each plunger has its own purpose. The bowl-shaped ones work well in sinks and tubs, and the flange ones work best in toilets. Keep two plungers on hand so you can use each one for its designated purpose. Your plunging efforts will be much more effective as a result.

Mistake: Turning to drain cleaner as a first-line solution.

Drain cleaner should not be the first thing you reach for when your drain stops draining. It can be pretty corrosive to pipes if it sits too long, and it's also really dangerous if it splashes in your eyes. It's okay to use drain cleaner occasionally, but only when a plunger does not clear the clog. And if you can't get anything at all to go down the drain, don't even bother with the drain cleaner. You probably have a physical item, like a sock or a dog toy, plugging the drain — or there might be a blockage further down. Drain cleaner is unlikely to address either of these issues and may instead damage your pipes as it can't find its way down. 

Mistake: Using a plumber's snake.

It is called a "plumber's snake" for a good reason — it really only belongs in the hands of a professional plumber. If you don't know exactly what you are doing when using a plumber's snake, you run the risk of damaging your pipes, which could lead to costly and destructive leaks. The plastic rods that have hooks on the side and are intended to clean out a shallow drain pipe are okay to use, but an actual plumber's snake is not.

If you avoid the mistakes above, you will be acting more responsibly as far as cleaning your drains. If you're having trouble getting a drain to drain, reach out to a clogged drain cleaning service sooner rather than later.


26 May 2020

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