Some Sure Signs That Your Aerobic Septic System Needs A Service


If you have recently moved to a home with an aerobic septic system, then you may not be too familiar with the waste device. This is understandable as aerobic systems are not nearly as common as anaerobic ones. This means that there may be a slight learning curve while you get used to the way that the system works. Specifically, you need to learn when to contact your septic services provider for maintenance. There are a few clear signs you should be doing this.

Your Alarm Goes Off

Aerobic septic systems are fitted with alarms to alert you to an issue. This is extremely important as the system is a complicated one that requires the proper functionality of all three of the chambers. When one of the chambers is not working correctly, the alarm sounds so you can investigate the problem right away. It is best to have your service professional look into it.

There are a few common issues that are likely to trip the alarm. The alarm will sound if the aerator stops functioning, and it will go off if there is too much water in the holding tank. Also, you may have an issue with the outlet house clogging or the unit may not have enough chlorine left in it. 

Keep in mind that most alarm issues should be checked by a professional. However, you can add chlorine to the unit on your own. Tablets are made for use with the septic systems and they must be added to the chlorine feeder on a regular schedule. You can usually add the chlorine once a month. If you are unsure about how to do this, ask the septic professional about the correct process. This is important because you will need to open the lid cap in a certain way to make sure that accumulated gas is able to escape safely.

You See Water Pooling

The aerobic system releases wastewater onto your property with the assistance of sprayer heads. These heads distribute the water over a fairly large area to ensure that the fluid can drain properly. However, there are circumstances where the drainage field will be unable to handle all of the water. This can happen if you flush more water through the system than you usually would. Also, the drainage system can become clogged and fail. Both of these issues lead to the pooling of water on top of the field, and you will see some puddles starting to form.

Puddling is a sign that you need to speak with your septic professional immediately. The drainage issue needs to be identified and resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up with unhealthy wastewater exposed across your property. 

In most cases, you will either need to adjust your water usage or your drainage field will need to be expanded. 

To learn more, contact an aerobic septic service professional.


28 April 2020

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