3 Things To Do If You Have Sewage Leaking Into Your Home


There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you're a homeowner, but one of the more upsetting and messy things that can happen is for sewage to find its way into your home. If your septic tank and plumbing are working properly, this should never happen. If your septic tank is in need of repair, though, this is something that could occur at some point. It's best to have your septic tank looked at and repaired before sewage ever leaks into your home, but if it does happen, you'll need to follow these steps right away.

1. Stop Using Your Plumbing

Each time that you flush your toilet or pour water down your drain, you might find that the sewage levels will rise even higher in your home. If you would like to prevent the mess from getting worse, you should stop using your plumbing right away. Although this might be unpleasant and uncomfortable for you and your family, it can help you prevent the sewage problem from getting even worse and more uncomfortable.

2. Restrict Access to Affected Areas of the Home

Additionally, you should consider restricting access to the affected areas of your home. Those who are going to come in contact with the sewage should be wearing appropriate gear so that they can protect themselves from this biohazard. Walking through the sewage can cause you to track it throughout your home, which makes cleanup more difficult. Also, if kids or pets come in contact with the sewage, they could get sick.

3. Call a Septic Repair Professional

As soon as you can, you should get on the phone with a septic system repair professional. Many of these professionals offer 24-hour emergency services, so someone should be able to come out to your home right away. A septic repair professional should be able to take a look at your septic tank and system to get an idea of what is going on. He or she might use a sewage camera and other similar tools to get to the bottom of the problem. Then, you can hopefully have the issue repaired as soon as possible.

The more quickly that you address the issue with the sewage in your home, the less you and your family members will be affected. Then, you can focus on cleaning up, repairing any property damage, and otherwise coming back from this messy situation.

For more information, contact a septic repair service in your area.


21 October 2019

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