Plumbing Repair And Maintenance Tips For Homeowners


If you are going to be a responsible and prepared homeowner, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of common solutions for plumbing problems that can arise in your home. While homeowners may assume that becoming informed enough about their plumbing to avoid problems will be too complicated for them to effectively do, it is often much easier than they may have assumed.  

Practice Turning Off the Home's Water

In a plumbing emergency, being able to turn off the water supply will be an important step for limiting the damage that the plumbing emergency can cause. Unfortunately, homeowners may not think about turning off their water until they are experiencing a plumbing crisis, and it may be too late by this point. To ensure that you can respond quickly to a plumbing situation, you should regularly practice turning the water supply to your house on and off. This will help you by ensuring that you are familiar with the location of the control valve and that this valve is working as intended.

Flush All of Your Drains Periodically

Drain problems are a major cause of plumbing issues for homes. In addition to clogs, the drains can also experience a general slowing, or they may start to smell foul. One of the options for avoiding this problem will be to regularly flush and clean the drains. This will wash out many of the substances that can collect in the drains and cause these problems to develop. When flushing the drains, you should pour a large amount of hot water down it so that any grease or other sticky substances will be loosened. Additionally, it can be useful to pour a sanitizing agent down the drain as this will eliminate odor- and disease-causing bacteria that could be starting to grow in the drains.

Know the Signs of Toilet Problems

Toilet problems are another frequent issue that homeowners will find themselves needing to address. While clogged or overflowing toilets are the most obvious issues, there are other problems that may be more subtle that can still cause significant performance issues. For example, a misaligned interior seal in the reservoir will contribute to a slow leak that can waste large amounts of water while also reducing the effectiveness of the toilet's flush. Knowing the warning signs of these more subtle toilet problems will allow you to repair them before they compromise this performance too severely. To do this, you should regularly listen for the sound of running water coming from the toilet, noting changes in flushing power or sudden increases in water usage.

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19 June 2019

DIY plumbing - can you do it yourself?

When you get a clogged drain or a toilet that just won't flush, do you reach for the phone and call for a plumber? When you have these seemingly simple plumbing problems around your house, you have to make a decision quickly. Do you pay for someone to come out and make the repairs, or do you attempt the repair on your own? This blog is all about DIY plumbing repairs. You will learn the basics and find tips for when to cut your losses and call in for professional assistance so you don't make a small fix one that needs serious repairs.