Why Go Electric? A Look At Your New Water Heater


Over the years, gas-powered water heaters have become very common. Professionals often say that they are cheaper to operate than electric models. Plus, there are often more gas-powered water heaters to choose from than electric models. But sometimes, the most popular option is not the best one. If you are in need of a new water heater, you should consider going electric this time. Here's why.

Electric water heaters are more eco-friendly than they used to be.

Years ago, much of the electricity in the United States was produced by burning coal. This was a very dirty, polluting process, so using that electricity was not really an earth-friendly choice. Natural gas, by comparison, was a cleaner-burning gas. So choosing a gas-powered water heater was the more eco-friendly option. Thanks to changes in how power is generated in the U.S. now, this is not really the case anymore. Most power plants have converted to natural gas, and many have begun relying on even greener energy sources like solar and hydropower. So powering your water heater with green-made electricity is a smart choice for the planet.

Electric water heaters reduce your risk of a gas leak.

Gas leaks can be deadly. Inhaling the gas is not healthy, and the accumulated gas could also explode, leading to a destructive house fire. You don't have to worry about these risks with an electric hot water heater. If the heater malfunctions, it will flip the circuit breaker, and the power to the unit will be cut off. If you have other gas appliances, you will still have to worry about the risk of gas leaks from those appliances -- but one less appliance means less risk.

An electric water heater may eliminate your need for a gas bill.

Is your water heater your only gas appliance? Maybe you are thinking of replacing your stove, too, and can replace that with an electric model. By choosing electric versions of these appliances, you can eliminate your need for gas service. You'll then have one less utility bill to keep track of, which is definitely nice. 

An electric hot water heater might be the smarter choice for your home. Keep in mind that these heaters come in multiple sizes, and choosing the right size for your home will help keep your costs manageable. A 50-gallon tank is perfect for singles and couples, whereas families usually want an 80 or 100-gallon tank.

Contact a local water heater installation service for more information.


5 December 2018

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