Renting A Restroom Trailer For Your Black Tie Event


Hosting a black tie event in the outdoors can provide your guests with a unique and memorable experience. In addition to good company, good drinks, and good food, your guests will need access to a good restroom facility.

You don't want a standard portable toilet to put a damper on the elegant nature of your event. Opt for a luxury restroom trailer instead.

Tasteful Decor

Portable restroom trailers come in many different varieties. If you are hosting a black tie event, you want to ensure that the decor within the restroom trailer you rent is tasteful enough to stay in keeping with the theme of the evening.

Framed artwork in each stall, designer soap and sanitizer dispensers, and high-end hardware will ensure that your guests don't feel out of place as they use the restroom facilities during your outdoor black tie event.

High-End Materials

The portable restroom trailer that you rent for your black tie event should feature high-end materials in its design. You want to look for a restroom trailer that has granite or quartz countertops, attractive tile flooring, and durable partitions between stalls.

The use of high-end materials in the construction of a portable restroom trailer will allow your guests to forget that they are using a portable restroom in a rustic setting and feel more like they are in the toilets of a luxury hotel.

Separate Facilities

Separate facilities are a must if you are renting a portable restroom trailer for a black tie event. Traditional portable restrooms accommodate both men and women. This can increase the potential for invasions of privacy and even put the safety of your guests at risk.

Separate facilities for men and women ensure that each group has access to the amenities they need. Women won't have to deal with urinals, and men won't have to sacrifice valuable space for the presence of a vanity area.

Most portable restroom trailers feature both a men's and women's facility within the same trailer, allowing you to keep costs at a minimum.


Some of the sounds that are produced in a restroom can be anything but elegant. You don't want to compromise the ambiance of your black tie event by having guests overhear one another in the restroom.

A portable toilet that is equipped with a sound system allows you to play music within the restrooms themselves. Background music can provide a certain level of privacy and help you continue the elegant theme of your black tie event into the restrooms.


19 August 2018

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