Times When A Portable Restroom Trailer Is Best


Portable restrooms used to mean just those port-a-potty boxes that are so common at construction sites. But the styles have changed, and while you can still get those standalone boxes, you can now also rent entire trailers that have been converted into full restrooms. The trailers are especially helpful at large events where random members of the public may need to use them. These may actually be better for your event than the standalone ones for a number of reasons.

Formal Events

If the event is fairly formal or involves unusual dress like a graduation (with its billowing gowns), a trailer may be more appropriate because it will have more room inside. A larger trailer that is also air conditioned or heated as needed makes it much easier for people to use facilities without completely messing up clothing.

Crowd Sizes

Trailers also work for large events with large crowds. The trailers often have multiple toilets and sinks in them -- like a regular event venue restroom -- so lines move more quickly. While you could have multiple standalone toilets, the trailers offer a neater, more organized way to get people through the lines and back out to the event.

Prank Possibilities

An unpleasant reality regarding the standalone versions is that they can be tipped over. You would hope nothing like this would happen, especially when crowds are around, but it can. The trailers, obviously, can't be tipped over, though people can still mess up the insides. However, that would be easier to clean up. It would also likely be less damaging.

First Impressions

An important issue is the first impression that people at the event will get when they need to use a restroom. The trailers are usually set up like regular restrooms, so people are familiar with where everything is located. In a standalone toilet, the sink could be located on top of the toilet tank, the soap may be in an unfamiliar style of dispenser, and even the lighting may be different. The trailers could make people feel more at ease at crowded venues where people just want to get back out and enjoy the day.

Standalone toilets are very good for times when you have only small areas in which to put a restroom or when you do not need too many. Trailers may be better for large events, though. Companies usually have both ready for rental. For more information, contact a company like A B C Drain & Plumbing.


26 May 2018

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