3 Plumbing Problems That Cause Hidden Mold And Water Damage


You know that a pipe beneath your sink that leaks can cause rot and damage beneath the sink. There are also problems that are less noticeable, which lead to serious problems with mold and water damage in your home. Leaks are often the cause of the problems, but other issues, such as condensation from uninsulated pipes can also lead to damage in your home. Here are some of the problem problems that could cause mold and serious water damage in your home.

1. Costly Leaking Toilets That Need Repairs or Replacement

The toilet in your bathroom can be the cause of costly leaks that cause damage or give you a high water bill. First, the seal around the base of the toilet can leak and cause damage to flooring or the wood framing beneath it if you have a plywood subfloor. There are also fittings that can leaks on the water lines that could cause water damage in the bathroom. In the toilet, the float valve can malfunction and cause leaks that make your toilet constantly run.

2. Leaking Sink Pipes and Fittings That Cause Water Damage

The sink in the bathroom can leak in several areas too. Many modern sings have water lines with screw fittings that are sealed with a Teflon tape, which often wears and needs to be replaced to repair leaks. In addition to the water lines, the trap beneath the sink is another area where potential leaks can develop and cause water damage in the bathroom. Occasionally, you may need to replace Teflon tape on fittings or replace the drain trap to stop the leaks beneath the sink.

3. The Hidden Condensation Problems with Uninsulated Pipes

The water lines in your home need to be insulated where they are exposed to changes in temperature. This is for several reasons, like to prevent lines from freezing and bursting. It is also to prevent condensation from forming on the outside of lines, which can lead to water damage in your home that goes unnoticed. Insulating these pipes will also help to save energy by preventing heat loss of hot water lines.

These are some of the problems with plumbing that could lead to serious water damage and mold problems. If you need help with maintenance and repairs for your home, contact a plumbing contractor like R Acres Plumbing Company LLC to ensure these problems are caught before they cause serious damage that can be costly to repair.


15 April 2018

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