Tips For Keeping Your Home's Water Heater In Great Shape


Many homeowners don't pay much attention to their hot water heater until it needs to be repaired. However, a few simple maintenance tips can go a long way in keeping the hot water heater in great shape.

Drain The Tank

Were you aware that a hot water heater needs to be drained occasionally to keep it working properly? This is because sediment can enter the tank from your water supply. It does not matter if you have well water or city water, small pieces of sediments will be in the water and end up in your home's water heater.

Once the sediment gets into a hot water heater, the only way to get it out is to drain the tank. There should be a spigot near the bottom of the tank that you can hook a hose up to, and then let the water flow into a nearby drain.

If you regularly drain the tank, you should have no issues flushing out the sediment with the water. If you wait a long time in between flushing the tank, then you'll end up with problems where the sediment clogs the spigot. Thankfully, you don't need to drain the entire tank of water, just enough to flush out that sediment along the bottom.

Insulate The Tank

If you want to limit how much your heating element works, you can add insulation around the hot water tank. This prevents heat from escaping the tank, which will keep the water warm in the tank for a longer period of time. Your local home improvement store will sell insulation wraps designed specifically for hot water tanks, so you just need to buy the right size and put it around the tank.

Insulate The Pipes

You can also take foam pipe insulation and place it around hot water pipes leading out of the tank. This helps keep the water in the pipes warmer, which means you'll use less hot water every time you turn on your faucets in your home.

Inspect The Tank

You can have a local plumber come to your home to perform a hot water tank inspection. They can help replace parts that are starting to fail, which will keep everything in working order. For example, they can replace components that are rusty, leaking water, or faulty. If there is rust on the tank, they can help fight it before the rust compromises the integrity of the tank.

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31 March 2018

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