Advantages Of Gravity Water Filters


Gravity water filters, like their name would suggest, make use of the constant force of gravity to remove contaminants from your home's water supply. The basic design of gravity water filters has two compartments, with a filter (usually activated charcoal) in between them. Water will flow from the top compartment into the lower one through the filter, removing contaminants along the way. This unique method of water filtration carries a number of benefits over alternative water filters: understanding what a gravity water filter has to offer can help you decide whether or not it is the right fit for your home's plumbing.

Advantages of Gravity Water Filters

Reliability: One of the main advantages associated with a gravity water filter over other types of water filters, like UV or reverse osmosis filters, is the fact that gravity filters will work in the absence of any electric current. As long as your water supply is still working, your gravity water filter will still work. This means that gravity water filters are ideal for homes that have intermittent access to power, or for emergency filtration purposes, as they will always be able to produce clean and drinkable water.

Ease of Maintenance:  Another key advantage of gravity water filters is the fact that they do not have any moving parts, which means that the maintenance that you will have to perform on your filter is kept to a bare minimum. In fact, the only things that you will have to do consistently is replace the activated charcoal filter twice a year (though the exact lifespan will depend on the size and brand of the filter, as well as how often it is used) and clean out the filter itself if your water supply has a high concentration of minerals like calcium in it, which will leave a chalky buildup over time (this can be easily cleaned with vinegar).

Customization: The last major advantage associated with gravity water filters is the fact that they come in a wide range of different sizes, allowing you to purchase individual filters for single taps and faucets, or have a gravity filter that services your entire home installed. This means that you can always find a gravity water filter that can fit your budget. In addition, gravity filters can be made out of a wide range of different materials, including stainless steel and ceramic, which means that you can customize the filter to match the aesthetic of the room that it is installed in. 


27 July 2017

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