3 Heating Services And Why To Call Your Plumber First


When you think about calling a plumber for a service call, you probably think about services like leaking faucets or broken fixtures. The truth is, your plumber offers more services than traditional leak repairs and pipe replacement or installation. In fact, it may surprise you to know that there are several heating services that you should be calling your plumber for first. Here are a few of those services and why the plumber should be the first call you make. 

Radiant Floor Installation

Having a heated floor, or radiant heating, is something many homeowners consider. The misconception is that radiant heating is all electrical. There is another radiant floor heating option that uses hot water services rather than a fully electrical system. The installation of this type of flooring is usually handled by plumbers. They can give you price estimates, contracting advice, and help you schedule a date to have the installation begin. They can also connect the radiant floor heating to your current plumbing seamlessly.

Tankless Heating Services

Having hot water isn't just for showers. You need it for certain types of laundry, your dishwasher, and certain cleaning projects around your home. When you have limited hot water, it can put other tasks off while you wait for the water to reheat. For this reason, many homeowners are switching to tankless heating systems that heat the water as you use it rather than keeping large amounts of water hot until it is ready to use. Your plumber is the first call you should make to have the system installed, hooked up to your current plumbing system, and to have service repairs if a leak or heating issue happens.

Furnace Replacement

There are some homeowners that still have older furnaces and HVAC units. Though most of these units do still operate efficiently, they may have more issues as time goes on. These issues could be with overall heating, pipe strength, or many other related issues. These issues lead to a furnace replacement that may leave you wondering who to turn to. Your local plumber is the ideal first call to make. They can identify any potential plumbing issues you may have, like older pipes in that area of the home that will need replacement as well. They can also help you determine which furnace make and model may be ideal for the space and for your homes needs. 

Keep in mind that a plumber (such as one from SDA Armstrong Mechanical Services Ltd) can help with more than just your service calls and installation. Most will be able to advise you, provide free price estimates, and give you an evaluation of your current overall plumbing situation to help prevent costly issues in the near future in your heating services and your overall plumbing health. 


9 December 2015

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