Reasons Toilets Become Wobbly And The Issues This Can Lead To


Does your toilet wobble every time you sit on it? If so, you should consider getting this fixed. Loose, wobbly toilets will usually lead to leaks, and water leaks can damage your home and cost you a lot of money. Here are the issues loose toilets can lead to and the common reasons toilets are loose.

Issues With Wobbly Toilets

When a toilet is wobbly, it basically means it is not securely attached to the floor in your bathroom. This is not only frustrating when you must use this device, but it can also lead to two big problems:

  1. Exposure to sewer gases – When a toilet is securely in place, the chances of sewer gases leaking into the air are very slim. As the toilet loosens, the risks increase. Sewer gases are not only smelly, but they are also dangerous for your health.
  2. Leaks on your floor – A loose toilet is also more prone to leaking water on your floor. Water on your floor can cause the floor to rot or develop mold on it. If the water keeps leaking, it can lead to major problems in your home.

If you want to avoid these two main issues caused by wobbly toilets, you will have to get the problem fixed.

Causes Of Loose Toilets

There are three main things that can cause a toilet to become wobbly. The first is when the bolts on the base of the toilet become loose. These bolts are there to hold the toilet to the floor, but they can loosen over time. If they are loose, you should replace them with brand new bolts.

The second cause of a loose toilet involves the flange. A toilet flange is secured to the floor beneath the toilet. When a toilet is installed, the toilet is placed on the flange and is secured to it with bolts. Toilet flanges can wear out over time. When this happens, it can lead to a wobbly toilet.

Finally, if the wax ring seal is bad, it can also lead to a wobbly toilet. The wax ring is also located at the base of the toilet, and it serves as a seal. Wax rings can dry out over time, and this will prevent it from working properly.

If you are tired of having a wobbly toilet in your home, you may want to hire a plumber to fix this problem for you. Fixing it is important for your health and for protecting your home, and a plumber will be able to get this fixed quickly for you. He or she can also provide more information on this and other plumbing topics.


6 October 2015

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